Director Desk

Distinguished patrons, friends, citizens and well wishers: nothing really makes me happier than involvement with trainees because I have a long experience in the field of automobile service sector. Rajhans ITI is not just a place of learning but a place of interaction, where every student has an equal opportunity to acquire skills for his livelihoods. In the beginning of our journey, we had the great opportunity of having some honorable dignitaries without whom all our efforts would have been futile.

After a long journey, Rajhans ITI got a position and popularity in society with hard and honest efforts. We cannot forget the dedication & contribution of our faculty & staff members by whom we could achieve it. I would like to thank all our trainees who are success story of Rajhans ITI. I would also like to convey my good wishes to our ex-faculty members who have achieved the position in government and public sectors with their hard working in this institute.

I wish to convey my gratitude to all associates, friends, parents, faculty, and staff for their support and above all the Almighty for making out lifetime dream come true.